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Gradnja ZHAOQING SHERATON HOTELA in podpornih objektov se je začela februarja letos. Projekt se nahaja na stičišču obvoznice New District Ring Road in ceste Shangguang, ki meji na športni center New District Zhaoqing na severovzhodu in Changliyong na jugu. Pokriva površino 80,000 kvadratnih metrov in ima skupno naložbo 1.2 milijarde. Celoten projekt je razdeljen na dve parceli na severu in jugu.
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The city business hotel in the southern plot is designed and constructed in accordance with the standards of a five-star hotel. The building area is about 76,000 square meters. The 15-story city business hotel and other supporting facilities are high-end business hotels that integrate dining, accommodation, entertainment, sightseeing and leisure.

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Style Arts participated in the construction of the curtain wall project of the wetland business hotel and supporting facilities in the new area (Phase I). The overall shape of the GRC project is designed like a giant canopy roof, with columns and perforated aluminum panels on the top surface.
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The artistic effect of GRC curved surface and geometric hollowing out poses certain challenges to the artistic grasp of the fluency of lines, the gradual change of geometric patterns, and the interspersed changes of rhombuses. By establishing a 3D model, we simulate the collision and structural installation of single products to ensure that the overall shape of the product is smooth and beautiful. The white GRC shape and the superposition of multiple layers of materials create different layers and present a unique architectural artistic beauty.
图片 6The project adopted new technology and new methods to ensure the quality of product processing and installation. The final effect of the project and the level of professionalism of our company have been affirmed by the owner and other construction units.
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